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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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eight people inside the home were detained. it's unclear if any of them were actually arrested. >> across the bay, oakland police officers use nonlethal bullets to stop a man. oakland police got reports of a man walking on broadway, carrying a gun around 5:30 last night. when officers tried to approach the man, he reportedly ran downstairs into the bar station at 13th street and broadway. they trapped the man inside. bart service was delayed for about 15 minutes while all of this was going on. the man refused to surrender so officers fired bean bag rounds with him and ultimately took him into custody. his weapon turned out to be a bb gun. >> everyone is invited to attend
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what is called a black life matters bike ride. the ride will be in mondayor ho michael brown, eric garner and other black men who lost their lives in violence. now that police tactics are under the microscope recently, graham's family held a gathering yesterday. >> black life matters, all life matters. >> grant was shot and killed by a police officer who claims he meant to use his taser instead. grant was not armed. >> and a group plans to stage a
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die-in. members of the ferguson national response network say they're going to protest against police today, this outside the headquarters of news corp. they are calling for a die-in to protest the "racist lies." a funeral for the murdered officer will be held this weekend. >> police are trying to figure out what happened before four members of one family were shot inside a modesto home. police say three members of the family were killed in what appeared to be a murder/suicide. a fourth victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> we move to a developing story. a team of french investigators will go under water in hopes of tracking down the black boxes from airasia flight 8501.
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in the meantime, crews have recovered 30 bodies and some wreckage as well from the crash site. >> authorities in italy will board a greek ferry. fiesh officials will board the boat and try to figure out what started the fire in the death of those. >> happening today, people who spent the last couple of months collecting signatures will turn in their petitions to get contra costa supervisors raises rescinded. they've clocked more than 35,000, more than the 25,000 needed. we should hear the final count from the county today. the group wants to stop
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supervisor from getting a 33% pay raise. that would boost salaries from 900,000 today 129,000. the police officers say that isn't fair. they say they're earning less than their counterparts in the county. >> the mayor yesterday visited the city's largest cold weather shelter and he helped serve dinner. he wants to use a motel pilot program to concert unused city motel rooms to house homeless people. he went along on a ride with san jose police department to see what it's like for that department. >> i'll continue to reach out and get negotiations moving here. but in the meantime, it's a good idea for me to listen. >> mayor liccardo says he'll make an official statement next
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week when he's officially sworn in as mayor. >> california's cap and trade law went into effect yesterday. it is a market-based regulation that was flair owenarrowly pass house of representatives in 2009 to reduce greenhouse gasses. in california people will be paying for the extra tax at the gas pump. >> it's not great that you have to pay an extra tax but i guess the government has to make some money somewhere. >> i think it was good for the environment. maybe it's a good thing to have some emissions control. >> experts are predicting prices will go up by 10 cents a gallon. >> expect longer than usual lines at the dmv this morning in response to a new law that allows undocumented immigrants to drive for the first time.
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it's one of four drivers licensing processing centers open across the state of california. the dmv expects to process 1.4 million additional driver's license for undocumented immigrants. applicants must have a valid i.d. to show they live in the state. they can get one at the mexican consulate or consulates of other countries. there is also a $33 fee involved. the special licenses will look like other california licenses but they're going to have text on the front and back state they go are not acceptable for official federal purposes. >> at 4:38, here's a large reminder of recent severe weather. crews say rain and wind may be responsible for bringing down a large oak tree on the peninsula
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last night. crews say it was blocking part of park road in elm wood city. crews say the ground was still saturated from all that rainfall. think we're going to turn a new page here in 2015? >> i think we're going to get la little bit of everything. good morning, christina. >> yeah, we have a really good looking day ahead. today will be just about as cole as moe but i had will tell you, temperature easing as we get into the first weekend of the new year and welcome to the first friday of the new year. and even the places that don't have the freeze warnings, you'll see the temperatures, we're at
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30 in the north bay, 33 in the south bay with about two to three hours of additional cooling to go before we hit our highs. now, temperatures are going to rebound nicely this weekend. a taste of the upper 60s by monday. we want to beat in a 2016. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you, sam and laura. >> well, the oregon ducks are waking up winners this morning. and also, a handful of players are facing punishment for what happened after the game. >> plus the state of colorado wants to ask the government to allow colleges to grow pot.
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zpljtd r. and welcome back. it is 4:33 on your friday. you're looking forward to the weekend. >> a popular search engine is considering buying a cable channel. let's turn to landon downey live
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at cnbc headquarters. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, too, laura. yahoo! may have designs on owning a cable channel. reports say the company has had talks to buy the food script, which also owns hdtv and the food channel. it fitsna rool's number one demand, aeng as consumers switch from buying songs online from services like i tunes, they switched to sites like spotify. laura, back to you. >> good to see you, landon. >> playstation gamers are
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getting a big thank you from sony after enduring a three-dpa lockout from its gaming network. hammers bomb ban $. . >> it's 4:45 right now. a gift when it comes to weather. if you like it chilly, it's cold out there. >> some like it cold. christina, how are you? >> and some like it hot. it's a great movie, by the way, if you haven't seen it, if you like a classic. this is taking a live look at our watches and warnings right now. we do have a freeze warning in place for most of the bay area. if you're going to be headed out and about, if you pets this morning, you want to keep a close eye on them and bring in any sensitive vej taj that could be damaged by the frost. when we're talking about a
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freeze warning, we're talking three or more hours of temperatures near freezing. although you're at 40 in san francisco, i think some spots are going to wake up, a little bit of frost, especially right in the heart of downtown san francisco. your wind field gets much color than round and family in town, you'll want to get them outdoors, it will be much more comfortable to do that on saturday and also on sunday. upper 50s in san francisco -- upper 60s in san francisco, a nice change from the 50s.
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and then we'll get to the 70s. >> what a tease. check out our realtime doppler radar. >> you think it's cold now, imagine jumping into the bay. these bold people had a chilly start to their new year. yesterday over 100 people dove into the san francisco bay. they swam from alcatraz to the several oregon duck players were disciplined for mocking other players, chanting "no means no" in reference to jameis winston, who has been accused but never
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was convicted of assault. the player will be disciplined. >> people are remembering a political power house, mario cuomo. >> he defined what it was to be a democrat. he pushed for me to run like hell for president. >> he ran in 1984 for the national democratic convention where he delivered sharp criticism of then president ronald reagan. he's a former three-term governor of the enpier state. he was considered the favorite to run in 1988 and '92 but he opted not to run. >> a yoga teacher went for a hike in mexico and nen returned. -- never returned. hari went for a hike on tuesday,
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has not been seen or heard from since. search teams and helicopters have been looking for simron but she worries he might be heard. she's getting support from all over the world. >> this is a long shut but this follows a law passed last year that required state officials to ask colorado colleges to be allowed to grow pot. most pot research has been blocked by federal laws. colorado's state health department believes pot research gives scientists a chance to look into what it can do to tale ill is money -- channel the
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money. >> and the start of the new year, taking a live look outside. cold start against the bay area. hope you get a chance to bring in the pets, cover the fragile plants out there. christina's got more on the forecast. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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at st. jude i was number two. yeah, but that was a good thing. sam was the second of seven patients to receive a new cancer treatment available only at st. jude children's research hospital, and that discovery will be shared with hospitals all across america.
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st. jude gives kids like me a shot. a great shot. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. you're watching "today in the bay." >> and "today in the bay" takes a live look outside at the
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golden gate bridge. not a lot of folks out there on the span. a cool start. maybe still have the day off. we thank you for joining us. 4:52. if it seems as if everyone around you is sick these days, that might actually be the case. according to the centers of disease control and prevention, about half of the country has the flu. the cdc says the flu is now widespread in 36 states, including california. as a result, some hospitals in some areas are restricting videos. >> what is the best treatment if someone has the flu in they say the best treatment is rest. doctors say sleep allows your body to fight the infection better than any medicine. they represent you get lots of it. tylenol can help reduce fever and ibuprofen can help reduce body aches. follow the directions and don't
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overdo it. >> researchers are trying to figure out why some can be more susceptible to cancer than others. they concluded two-thirds of the time dividing stem cells picked up mutations that could not be prevented. the remaining one third were heavily influenced by medicgene factors. >> a recent poll found 4 out of 10 of us will make resolutions this year, 40%, but last year many did not keep those promises. according to the poll, weight lost is a top reason.
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>> the good news is we're living longer. the bad news is we're living longer sicker. >> researchers say about a third of our resolutions are about being healthier. experts advise taking small steps and writing everything down so you're much more likely to keep the resolutions. when all else fails, there are several apps to help you track your progress. >> i thought there was a study that said if you do something repetitively for 21 days, then it gets engrained. >> that would be logical. >> this is a pity bizarre story out of illinois where a man has a new reminder of a traumatic event that happened five years ago. >> doctors returned the 7 when he got into a major crash. he broke several ribs and his hip. because of those injuries, doctors didn't notice the metal
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turn signal embedded in his arm. neither did anyone until he went through a metal detector at an airport. he left it alone until it hurt. doctors removed the 7-inch rod this week. >> i was amazed to see how corroded it was. it's almost got all the chrome off of it. >> art is trying to figure out what to do with the turn signal. he said he's considered turning it into a key chain. >> he's lucky he didn't get an infection in that arm. >> i don't understand how you can have a foreign object in your arm without consequences. >> specifics dip near freezing overtight. >> plus, how a simple act of kindness benefited the entire school. >> and let's take another peek
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outside on this first friday, taking a live look at the bay bridge. a few folks out there this morning pap lot more news. not too much traffic. >> not terribly. >> a lot of weather ahead. >> it's 4:56 right now.
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it was a violent night in central california. three people shot to death in a home. what the investigation is telling us this morning. >> and a million undocumented immigrants will be applying for a driver's license. what the dmv in california is doing to make the process smoother. >> and before you go anywhere
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you'll want to get the frost off your car. lots to gopher this morning in your full forecast. >> a live look outside. this is the approach to bach toll plaza. on your yes friday,ant the. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's take a live look outside in san jose. we have multiple reports this morning that smrd that will help him in sight? good morning. >> yes, there is. that will help take the edge off of these bitter cold companies out there. you're at 29 degrees in santa rosa and 32 right at


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